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10 key areas helping to reduce risk in your organization

Board Governance

Concerned about your board? Are by-laws up to date? Do you budget? If the answer is No, or I don’t know, don’t panic we are here to help! By identifying necessary training and improvements at your organization, soon you will run reliably with rules.

Vision, Mission & Strategic Planning

Do you know the different between a vision and a mission statement? Is it time to dust off the strategic plan? Well the team at RLB will help you to create or update your plan, ensuring it meets the needs of the size and complexity of your organization.

Internal Controls

Does your organization have strong internal controls? Are they well documented and do the costs and the benefits align? As one of the 10 key criteria of the NPO Health Check, the written report will include the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Succession Planning

Does your organization have a tenured board or leadership team? Do you have a plan to manage turn over and change? If the answer is No, don’t fear you are not alone, working hand in hand with your professional advisors we will identify issues that guide your plan for the future.

Financial Management

Peace of Mind and Priorities! Through detailed analysis of your general reporting, budgeting, performance measurements, cash management and funding the NPO Health Check report will highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of financial management in your organization.

Tax Compliance

Deadlines and Compliance! When it comes to Tax we are here to help. As a dedicated team servicing the not-for-profit sector our knowledge goes far beyond HST rebates and returns. We will evaluate reporting requirements and annual filings to ensure all government requirements are being met.

Information Technology

NPO; is there an app for that? With an increasing shift toward digital communication, data storage and financial transactions there is a need, and so many benefits, of adopting new technology. But are your systems secure? Let us check that you have dotted your i’s and cross the t’s of your IT plan.

Fraud & Management Override

Prevention not Cure! It’s a disturbing fact that more and more organizations encounter fraud each and everyday, and not-for-profits are no exception. The goal of the NPO Health Check is to help identify areas for improvement protecting you from both internal and external threats.

Fundraising & Resource Development

It’s time to share best practices and the skills of the experts in the field both inside and outside of the team at RLB. Accessing our external network of trusted advisors we will help to identify key issues in your fundraising and resource development plans, providing a list of priorities to guide you to future success.

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