Real Estate Accounting Services

1 Property? 100 Properties?

Struggling to secure financing to grow?

Personal or Corporate? Does ownership matter?

We are the business partner you need.

Real estate is sometimes a challenging area in which to operate, but the opportunities are certainly there for those who are ready to seize them. With hundreds of real estate clients of every type: real estate agents, condominium corporations, REITS, commercial and residential landlords and property managers, we understand the challenges specific to your business.

Dollars & Sense Matter

Securing financing plays an important role in growing your business. We can advise and provide you with the reports and package you need to secure both traditional and non traditional financial support. We often help our clients address their financing concerns by seeking out new sources of funding, including private mortgage brokers.

Personalized approach to Structure & Tax

We customize your ownership structure to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for you. The knowable team works to ensure taxes are minimized and the expectation are shared with you. We work hard as part of your advisory team, along with your lawyers, lenders, investment advisors and real estate agents. ensuring optimal solutions are presented and everyone is kept up to date.

How can we help?

  • structuring transactions
  • answering HST questions
  • preparing projections for financials
  • tax minimization
  • auditing financial statements
  • tax compilation preparation

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