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Canada Digital Adoption Program Webinar


April 19, 2023




Zoom session from 1:00pm-2:00pm.


Learn how to unlock up to $15k with the Boost Your Business Technology Grant from a local certified CDAP advisor.


RLB Digital is pleased to announce that we are an Advisor for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology program.


So, what does this mean for you and your growing business? If you qualify for the CDAP program, this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of grants up to $15k for advisory services to help you develop a digital adoption plan.


Join RLB Digital’s Senior Technology Consultant, Kyle Turriff, for a free one-hour webinar covering all things CDAP.


By the end of this one-hour webinar, you will learn the following:

  • All about the CDAP program
  • What is a digital adoption plan?
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Applying for government funding
  • Solutions and tools you can use within the program


We encourage you to register and join us on April 19th to learn how we can help you take advantage of this exciting opportunity.


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