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Email Etiquette


February 22, 2023 9am-12pm EST


$99 per person + taxes & fees


Workshop Objectives:

  • Review the history of emails
  • When and how emails should be used – Handling the sheer volume of emails
  • Crafting emails that will get read and action taken
  • Email Etiquette – cc, bcc, formatting
  • Identify when you have a poorly written email and be able to fix the problem
  • Identify the benefits of effective email writing
  • When not to use email
  • Provide effective email templates that get the job done
  • Review specific email situations
  • Avoiding misunderstandings
  • Emails and legal ramifications


Emails consume so much of our daily routine. Drafting emails or responding to emails is something that many have trouble with, but we can help!

Have you had to respond to a sender to get all the information necessary to act? Is your writing easy to read and easy to understand? Is your intent always easy to discern, do you carefully manage your tone? Does the manner of your writing inspire confidence in your abilities?

Good news, you can take charge of your email and become a pro at drafting, sending and responding to emails, which not only saves you time but also will help you become an Email all-star.

Target Audience

  • Those who would like to improve their professional email writing style
  • Team members who need to improve the speed and effectiveness of their email correspondence
  • Those who like to develop a rapport with virtual email correspondents
  • Supervisors, managers, or employees who need help communicating to other team members, suppliers or clients
  • Team members who rely heavily on email to get their job done
  • Team members who want to learn the techniques and practice the skills for creating effective emails

This 1/2-Day Effective Email Writing Workshop is information-packed with real world, practical examples and hands on techniques to help you be prepared for all situations.

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