The holidays can be such a wonderful and magical time of the year and it’s a great way to show our love and appreciation for our community. Each year, the team at RLB makes a donation to an organization within the four communities of which we work in. In the past, we have supported toy drives, food banks, and food hampers. This year we are supporting …



We at RLB are all so fortunate that we know this Holiday season we will be able to indulge in great meals, and embrace the chilly winters of Ontario with warm clothes on our back. In the true spirit of People Count. we have donated to a range of small local programs in each of our different communities; Guelph, Kitchener, Centre Wellington and Dufferin.

This year we embraced the local need, each a little different depending on the town. It was important to us to ensure families had Turkeys on for the season through the Rotary Turkey Drive, their plates full from Food Banks, or clothes to wear through the Underwear drive and Socks for Shelter. At RLB we know that every little bit of help makes a difference!


Guelph Socks for Shelter


Rotary Turkey Drive

Orangeville Underwear Tree


For more information about the Underwear Tree:

The team at RLB is excited to share wishes of Peace and Joy with you this Holiday Season and hope you have the opportunity to share goodwill in your community too.

At RLB, People Count. Communities Count.


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