So, you’ve submitted your receipts, run the numbers, and filed your taxes. What’s next? When it comes to making a payment to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you have several options. 

Online through MyPayment

  • MyPayment is an electronic payment service offered by the government that uses Interac/Debit, Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard cards to make payments directly to the CRA. The CRA does not charge a fee for using the MyPayment service, and payments are received the same or next business day.

Credit Card through Plastiq  

  • Plastiq is a third-party service provider that offers payment by nearly all credit card brands. Third-party service providers charge a fee for their services (this one is 2.5%), with payments received in 3 business days.  

In-person at Canada Post  

  • You can pay in-person with cash or debit cards at any Canada Post outlet across Canada for a fee. You will need a self-generated quick response (QR) code, available through the link above. This QR code is personalized to you and contains information allowing the CRA to credit your account. Canada Post uses a third-party service provider to generate and process the QR code. The service fee is based on the payment amount and is provided to you upfront when generating the QR code.

In-person at the bank 

  • To make a payment at your Canadian financial institution, you need a personalized remittance voucher. Financial institutions will not accept photocopies of remittance vouchers or payment forms due to special magnetized ink on the bottom of the form. You can request personalized remittance vouchers online through MyAccount (RLB or other authorized representatives can also request additional copies online) or by phone at 1-800-959-8281. Your financial institution may have specific instructions or a free program with more information.

Here are some links for major institutions:  


Pre-authorized debit  

  • You can elect to have the CRA withdraw your balance due from your bank account. This is a one-time authorization for either the full or partial amount owing. To select this option, please let your RLB representative know when signing your tax return.  

Send a cheque  

  • Although CRA is still accepting cheques as a payment method, it is still strongly recommended to use online banking to make your payment instead. Cheques and money orders are still accepted, but please be mindful that it can take several weeks to process the payment. If you choose this payment method, try to include a note with your social insurance number (SIN) and the year the payment is related. You can mail your cheque to:  

Ottawa Technology Centre  

875 Heron Road  

Ottawa ON K1A 1A2  

But what’s the easiest way to make my payment?  

The easiest way is by using online banking. CRA has been pushing online and paper-less methods regularly over the past few years. In general, you should be able to add CRA as a payee using your bank’s online payment system, like you would for any other bill. Searching for ‘CRA’ or Canada Revenue Agency should bring up a few options. Your CRA account number is your Social Insurance Number (SIN). After making the payment, the App or website will display your payment date, and CRA will accept this date, even if they haven’t received it yet. Either visit your local branch or call your bank, and they can assist you with how to add CRA as a payee if you’re having trouble.  

If online banking is not for you, please use the payment method you are most comfortable with listed above!