Human Resources

Why would an accounting firm offer human resources services? Because at RLB, People Count.

We know that people are the building blocks of your success – just like they are for our firm. You need a resource to help you achieve that success through effective strategies to recruit and retain talented employees.

HR Trends and Legislation

RLB LLP treats your business as if it were our business. We watch the trends that impact your HR policies and strategies, and we proactively recommend ways to stay in front of those trends. In addition to educating our clients about the workplace violence and harassment legislation, we work closely with them to put in place actionable strategies to ensure compliance.

For a complimentary, no obligation consultation for any of the above services, please contact Jessica Rath, Human Resources Manager, by email at or call 519-822-9933 ext. 279.

Serving Your HR Needs

Aside from maintaining compliance with laws and regulations, our HR services clients also turn to us for guidance on the best strategies to achieve their business goals. We support our clients’ HR needs through:

Policy Development and Employee Relations

RLB excels in creating or updating effective HR policies to help motivate and retain your employees. Clear and concise HR policies are of utmost importance in any size organization and here’s the trick: having them in place before you need them.

One of the toughest jobs that managers are presented with is handling difficult employee situations. The difference between effective resolution and a potential legal battle relies on the importance of these situations being dealt with in a manner that meets legislative requirements and is fair to all parties involved.

RLB can provide effective strategies and coaching for dealing with employee relations related matters.


A lot of employers have questions about payroll processes and policies. We can simplify this task and ensure you are compliant with Canada Revenue Agency.

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How do you know if you are paying your employees a fair and reasonable wage? RLB can provide a variety of services in the area of compensation, benefits and total rewards. We can help you benchmark your salaries and job descriptions against those in the area. These include:

  • Salary Market Surveys
  • Market Analysis
  • Salary Structure Assessment
  • Realigning current systems
  • Pay Equity (Provincial/Federal)

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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation ties into compensation and equity programs and is an essential piece of organizational effectiveness. Often after completing a job evaluation, the result is often the need of a new or amended job description.

RLB can help with the creation or amendments of job descriptions for your organization.

Recruitment and Retention

Most employers realize their employees represent one of their most important assets. Often employers indicate that employee recruitment and retention is one of the least favorite parts of their job. We can help. We offer:

  • Full recruiting resources
  • Resume screening
  • Reference and background checks
  • Behavioral and cognitive assessments
  • Skill level testing and assessments
  • Turnover issues
  • Exit interviews

Merger and Acquisition Support

Many companies in today’s business world deal with an ever changing corporate structure. As you plan and implement structural change, the managing and communication with staff during this time is critical to the success of staff retention and ultimately, seamless transition resulting in continued customer satisfaction. We can provide expert advice to assist you in your transition.

HR Audits

An HR audit is an effective way to evaluate what opportunities are available for improvement to ensure your HR programs are aligned with your overall business objectives.

An HR audit examines the following areas:

  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Performance Management
  • Policies and Best Practices
  • Attracting and Selecting Staff
  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Training and Development
  • Terminations
  • Record Keeping and Systems

The HR audit can be focused on a single pressing issue or can be in-depth from an overall business perspective. We can conduct an HR audit in the form of an on-site visit, interviews with staff and management, observation and analysis, and reviewing files and documentation. This process can be customized to meet your specific needs and timelines.

The cost benefit is often recovered in improvements made and reducing time spent on employee retraining, recruitment, and potential litigation matters related to not meeting labour law compliance.

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RLB will provide the following upon HR audit completion:

  • A full disclosure report including recommendations for improvement opportunities
  • More effective policies and programs
  • Assurance of up-to-date labour law compliance
  • Action items to address specific challenges

Hiring your own Human Resources Professional

If your organization is growing to a size where you feel the need for your own internal HR resource, we can assist in making this happen. We can partner with you to assist in selecting the appropriate candidate. We can also ensure you are legislatively compliant; all resources are in place and basics covered to assist with the successful launch and growth or your own HR department.

Onsite Services

We are known for providing temporary or on-going onsite HR assistance. From the HR management function to specific one off tasks, we can meet your organizations needs and customize our service to fit your objectives. This arrangement also works well to cover a leave or fill a gap for a period of time whether it is short term or long term.