Employee morale and employee engagement are both crucial to a successful business – but it’s essential to know the difference. When it comes to deciphering the two, morale can be considered a short-term factor, whereas engagement has a more long-term impact.

Morale is measured in employee contentment and willingness to participate at work. Engagement gives employees drive and determination to do their best while at work, and often extends outside the workplace. This engagement happens because they feel connected and committed. Can you determine if morale or engagement (or both) is lacking in your business? That’s where RLB can help.

“It takes more than bringing cupcakes to the office,” explains Crystal Dunlop, Chief Human Resources Officer at RLB, “sure, a sweet treat doesn’t hurt, but it isn’t a lasting solution for boosting morale or engagement in an organization. Never underestimate what feeling valued or what a sense of belonging can do for a workforce.” That’s why HR plays such a critical role in employee satisfaction and efficiency. RLB’s HR Consulting team builds multi-faceted programs with business owners to create and implement lasting engagement strategies.

Many companies will focus on morale and put time, effort and money into it, but get frustrated when the productivity or company culture isn’t changing. They may not understand that they’re separate things. Ensuring a person has drive and desire to be a part of your business takes a lot of effort, but the long-term return is worth it.

“You can have people come to work early, stay late, and leave feeling content in their job,” says Dunlop. “And that shows good morale. But to have people come to work and feel like they’re contributing to the greater good and a part of something larger than their role – that’s a challenge we can help you with. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can help you visualize just how important esteem and self-actualization are when it comes to motivation.”

By creating a plan that creates and sustains employee engagement, businesses can feel more secure in knowing their employees are also working towards the goals of the company and contributing to the business’ growth. This not only helps short term business objectives to be met but plays a significant role in succession.

The HR Consulting team at RLB can help you create an employee engagement plan that works best for you and your business. The members of the HR team provide tools, resources and programs that work with your business plans and are congruent with your business goals.

Contact the HR Consulting team at RLB today to speak with someone about maximizing your employee engagement.