Personal and Business Tax Planning Services

Some businesses think about taxes only during tax season, but all business owners make decisions every day that affect tax liability. With RLB, we help you think about mitigating your tax burden throughout the year.

– Shawn Deyell


We have developed Personal Tax Templates for your own personal use, or you can hand your information to us – we will work with you to create a personal tax plan and provide advice and guidance.


Our experienced tax advisors are here to help you evaluate your options and their tax implications; whether you need guidance on appropriate share structure, are selling your company and want to maximize your after-tax dollars, or are making a capital investment and want to take advantage of available tax incentives.


We are always on the lookout for innovative and effective tax solutions to improve your bottom line. That means you are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities, such as tax incentives, before it’s too late. Proactive tax planning also means you can avoid the bumps along the road.

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How We Can Help:

Corporate Restructuring

Individual Tax Planning

Strategic Tax Review

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

Succession Planning

Estate and Testamentary Trust Planning

Corporate Tax Planning

Canada Revenue Agency Support

Farm Transfers

Non-Resident Planning

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