Hospice Wellington is recognized by our communities for its leadership in meeting the Hospice Palliative care needs in Guelph and Wellington County.

Hospice Residence – Night Shot

Our mission is to promote hospice palliative care for individuals and their families.

Our community programs intend to support Hospice Wellington clients through the experience of life-limiting illness, care-giving, and/or bereavement. Programs are available to clients in the community, as well as to those who have been supported by our ten bed residential facility.

In addition to our ten-bed facility, we provide community palliative supports, through onsite programming which includes respite care, and individual assessment in the home, because not all of our clients can come to our facility. But it’s not only our palliative clients who need our support, our circle of care includes caregivers and the bereaved. Our Support Model for residential and community programming includes onsite one-to-one support, adult group programming, integrated wellness, and expressive arts.

More than 54,000 people in Ontario were determined to have received palliative care services between April 2014 and the end of March 2015. Of these patients who received palliative care, we found that less than half (43.3%) received palliative home care services in their last month of life (Health Quality Ontario – Palliative Care at the End of Life 2016).

Grief and Bereavement is the most underfunded and under-researched field of contemporary mental heath (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2003).

Hospice Wellington demonstrates a commitment to excellence in Palliative Care that is delivered with a true Holistic approach and it is the combination of each team member’s skills and knowledge that allows us to do so.

Our Hospice team includes palliative care providers, community health care professionals, administrators and dedicated volunteers. Hospice care puts the client and their family gently at the centre of care and supports are carefully woven as a network of response to the needs of the individual.

As a team with specialized training and skills, we are able to support all aspects of needs at End of Life to include Social Worker support and Bereavement care through many programs and groups organized by our Community Team.

Hospice Wellington is a registered charity, and there are NO costs to our clients associated with any of our services. This includes care in our residential facility, as well as our community programs.

We receive only 43% of our funding from the provincial government, the remainder of our funding comes through community fundraising initiatives and donors like yourself.

We have been sitting at your bedside since 1980 – it’s not a matter of IF you will need us, but when.

We are here for you, and look forward to providing you the excellent support we are invested to provide to our community.

Article written by: Erin McInnis, Social Worker at Hospice Wellington