Chelsea Dorrell

Staff Accountant

Chelsea is part of our NPO team, here at RLB. Before beginning her career in accounting, she attended Brock University where she earned her Honours Bachelor of Accounting degree and then went to Western University where she got her Master of Environment and Sustainability degree. When asked why she is passionate about what she does, Chelsea said “I’m passionate about accounting because it’s interesting and exciting to solve problems.” After achieving top marks in high school accounting courses, she realized that she had a flair for numbers.

When Chelsea isn’t at work, she enjoys being active by spending time outdoors and participating in HIIT workouts. During her downtime, she likes to try new foods, go to the movie theater and play with her cat. Chelsea prides herself on living a simple and relaxing lifestyle, by starting her mornings off with a coffee, reading a print newspaper and listening to the radio. She is also passionate about sustainability and will sometimes participate in garbage clean-ups and tree planting events within her community.