Chris Brown

Senior Manager

Chris Brown was naturally drawn to accounting because the work feels like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. To Chris it is very satisfying searching, finding, assembling, and ultimately seeing the puzzle come together.  He graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Accounting and Master of Accountancy, later obtaining his CPA CA designation. Chris has also completed the In-Depth Tax Program and other advanced tax courses such as In-Depth Tax Issues for the Owner-Managed Business and In-Depth Corporate Reorganizations.

At RLB, Chris specializes in Canadian Domestic Tax. Every file is different, and no two projects are the same, which keeps his day-to-day exciting and entertaining. Chris is passionate about helping each of his clients succeed.

Outside of work, Chris is married with two boys. He spends most of his time taking his kids from various sporting engagements. He also loves travelling to sunny destinations and is a bit of a car nut, specifically 1960’s and early 1970’s muscle cars.