James Seifried

Senior Accountant

James Seifried values the ability to provide insights and meaning to numbers and how they relate to real-world implications for his clients/future clients’ business. He is motivated by his passion for helping clients succeed and understanding the numbers to support decision-making for their business.   

James has been a fully credited CPA for many years, gaining a mix of experience in public accounting, working for both private and public companies. In addition to his experience with public accounting, he has experience working in the industry in both reporting and risk management roles. James is particularly interested in risk assessment and management across all sizes of businesses. He is interested in the condominium industry as it grows and becomes even more impactful on Canadians.   

When he’s not helping his clients, James is an avid golfer and enjoys many other sports depending on the season, such as ball hockey, soccer, and volleyball, to name a few. He strives to be engaged and active in his community. He has been a member of events committees for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph and recently served as Treasurer for the Guelph Tool Library.