Jocelyn Doyle


Jocelyn is a very determined person and she loves a challenge. She uses her problem solving skills working as part of RLB LLP’s tax department preparing planners, looking into reassessments, and other tax compliance projects. These skills also help her juggle having a career and very busy family with many extra curricular activities.

Working with numbers is a hobby to Jocelyn; she loves Sodoku puzzles and used to prepare math work sheets for herself as a child. This love for numbers eventually led Jocelyn to decide to get her Payroll Certification.

“Working with payroll and taxes keeps a person on their toes since the rules and rates are always changing.”

Jocelyn’s caring for others and their needs is why she chooses to also work on estate files. Jocelyn feels that working on estate files is less about accounting, and more about being compassionate and understanding. This is a tough time for clients and Jocelyn wants to make the process of preparing the required tax returns and reports as uncomplicated as possible.

With the support of RLB LLP and her family, Jocelyn is endeavouring to get her Certified General Accountants certification in the next few years.