Jocelyn Doyle


A long-time member of RLB’s estates team, Jocelyn is familiar with the intricacies of the department. “Estates are sensitive and often have a level of complexity to them. I enjoy supporting executors and helping take some of the stress off of them during this challenging time.” she shares. 

When it comes to working in such a delicate niche, Jocelyn feels as though it is about the bigger picture. “Working in estates isn’t just about helping with tax returns and ensuring that we are looking for the best tax outcomes and opportunities. It’s about supporting the executors through a difficult time in their lives and understanding that most of them have never been an executor before and aren’t sure what is required. You need to have an abundance of patience and compassion while simultaneously offering the best tax consulting services.” says Jocelyn.  

Her path to estates was not necessarily a linear one. “I have my Payroll Compliance Certificate (PCP) which really helps with executor compensation calculations as well as T4 preparation in the Estates area.” Jocelyn finds payroll to be similar to tax in that legislation differs from province to province and is always changing. You really need to keep yourself up to date and constantly be learning. 

Outside of her work, Jocelyn is the proud mother of two young-adult children. She credits them for helping her grow as much as she has helped them. Since her youngest child has recently moved out, she is taking this opportunity to explore her own personal hobbies and passions. Jocelyn has obtained her Reiki Masters certificate and is currently working to obtain a Death Doula certificate, as she is extremely passionate about helping others. In the future, Jocelyn hopes to volunteer with the Home Hospice Association after completing her Death Doula Program.