Leanne chose to study accounting in school because she was always good in math. She has always had a great aptitude for accounting and taxation, making her succeed early within her profession. However, she is driven by client interaction and loves nothing more than helping clients achieve their goals. She loves working in a fast paced environment and is always excited to face new challenges. Although her main focus has always been taxation, she has managed to obtain knowledge in more general aspects of finance and has had many opportunities to see how successful companies operate.

After graduating with high honours, Leanne started her career in public practice at a boutique accounting firm in Mississauga. She knew right away that public practice was the right fit for her. Joining RLB LLP, Leanne immediately knew that it was the right place for her to achieve her career goals while simultaneously working with a great group of people. She particularly enjoys working with the RLB team for their immense level of knowledge and expertise as well as the continuous focus on client experience.

Leanne primarily works with small business owners and individuals on both assurance and tax engagements. Although there are no areas of accounting that Leanne dislikes, her primary interest is taxation. Helping clients who are facing tax challenges by breaking down the complexities of the tax system and providing various opportunities for them gives Leanne a great deal of satisfaction. As the world of tax is constantly changing, Leanne continuously focuses on professional development and taking advantage of any learning opportunities that become available.
In her spare time, Leanne enjoys spending time with friends and family, skiing, reading and staying active to keep up with her very energetic golden retriever. She is an avid traveler and is always looking for opportunities to visit new parts of the world.