Odessa Cherubin

Practice Coordinator

Odessa is a Practice Coordinator with the Administration department here at RLB. She is passionate about helping others, which is one reason her role on the Not-for-Profit Team at RLB resonates with her. Odessa wants to make a positive impact on the lives of others and believes that you will never look back on life regretting the kindness you give to one another.   

She loves working with her fantastic team and their clients. She also loves meeting new people each and every day, as she does in her role. This role has allowed her to learn more about the amazing not-for-profit organizations within our community and how to help them succeed.   

Outside of work, you will find her in the kitchen whipping up new and exciting recipes. Her Italian roots have led her to find joy in the small things, such as cooking for family and friends, and gathering around a dinner table to enjoy time together.