Stephany St.Louis

Staff Accountant

What are you surprisingly good at?

Making people feel at ease and heard.

What are you most passionate about?

Community and relationships!

What’s important inside your community? Are you part of any organizations?

I own a not-for-profit charity called Hats On Dufferin that has the goal of ensuring that no person in Dufferin County goes cold during our harsh winters. Each school and charity in our region gets handmade hats, mittens and scarves. To date we’ve donated over 10,000 items! Helping communities to work together and ensuring that residents are thriving is one of my passions! I am the vice chair of the Grand Valley BIA, and the the treasurer for Community Living Dufferin.

What do you feel have been the most important successes in your life?

Owning two businesses. A retail home decor and gift store and a restaurant.

If you could be a superhero or have a superpower, what would it be?

According to my kids I already am Super Woman (mainly because they like the lasso and I have a lasso).

Anything else?

I live with my husband (Yves) and two daughters (5 (Mya) & 12 (Amy) and our new kitten (Ore-Yo), dog (Sophy) and rabbit (Zeusy). We all have a Y in our name.