At RLB, we have always positioned ourselves as a legacy firm. Our passion for people goes so deep that we strive to build a partnership group with the same values that our firm was built on. When welcoming new members to our team at all levels, we look for individuals whose integrity and principles align with our organizational mission above all else. Therefore, our position on recruitment and leadership relies heavily on development. 

We hold fast to the belief that every person has the potential for greatness. Because of this belief, we have integrated several coaching and mentoring strategies to help propel driven individuals into leadership positions. We work with our team to determine their career goals and implement a cohesive strategy to get them there. We recognize that these goals will differ from individual to individual. Hence, we tailor the plan to meet the needs of aspiring managers, principals and partners. 

Here are the four development methods we employ at RLB. 

Success is Attainable for Everyone 

We encourage all team members to endeavour for advancement. There are always opportunities for accelerated growth and career advancement to any level. We welcome all new individuals to the organization with successful integration and match everyone with another team member to assist with this process. This “buddy system” allows team members to connect, learn about our corporate culture, and provide them with a go-to person for questions and concerns. Additionally, we assign a People Leader to ensure your career goals are fully realized.  

Encourage Professional Development  

Through our firm’s growth and successes, we have learned that hands-on learning experience is vital to becoming a successful professional. We built a comprehensive training program to meet these needs. We provide a minimum of one week per year of professional development for each of our professional team members. We have developed a robust mentoring program and engage team members at all professional levels to help ensure they get the knowledge, support and expertise they need to succeed. As mentioned above, we match all new hires with a People Leader as part of their onboarding. This advisor will work with you to set your goals and stay on track. The opportunity for outside-the-box thinking, partnered with flexibility and support, makes RLB a great place to work. 

Productive and Proactive Feedback 

Over the years, we have developed a feedback system that allows for growth and positions current leaders to pinpoint strengths within team members. Through a comprehensive 360-feedback structure, we invite team members who work closely with one another to share positive and meaningful observations about work habits, strengths, interactions and opportunities. These annual evaluations allow for us to recognize abilities we would not otherwise be aware of. We have developed a system where “performance reviews” have been replaced by goal setting and reflection to build the team up instead of simply discouraging less desirable production or behaviours.  

Career Planning 

Each year we equip our team with the tools and strategies to plan their career goals and leadership development intentions for the following 12 months. This allows current leaders to guide our team in realizing their career goals. By working out what projects and work inspire our team, we can better assist them in planning the action items and next steps to make these goals a reality. Building an annual roadmap for personal development and project goals gives the team members a clear path to follow and helps them better understand their own strengths, passions and abilities.