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At RLB, People Count. We invest the time and effort into our team members for the hands-on learning experience required to become a successful professional, and we have developed a comprehensive training program to meet these needs.

Being part of the RLB team means you’ll take advantage of the following:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace

At RLB, People Count. As an organization, we passionately believe that if you are driven, you will fit right in. We uphold the standard that success and opportunity at the firm is based on performance, ability and potential. We are acutely aware that diversity makes us stronger and is a key to fueling future growth together. At RLB, everyone is welcome. Bring your authentic self to work every day. Be YOU. We commit to our team and our clients that there is zero-tolerance for disrespecting one another.

Mental Health and Wellness

We believe our team is at their best when they feel their best, inside and out. In addition to our fitness credit, we support our team member’s wellbeing through access to mental health supports. We have a dedicated team of trained Mental Health First Aiders, a mental health resource library, and an Employee and Family Assistance Program. We supply our team with personal days which can be used for appointments or mental health days and encourage our team to find a healthy work-life balance whenever possible. RLB staff enjoy a free membership to the Headspace app.

Flex Time/Hybrid Work Policy

We believe in the power of work/life balance and we recognize that the traditional 9-5 doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we support our team by offering flexible hours and allowing them to work from home and the office. Team members no longer need to choose between the two options.

Paid Overtime/Summer Fridays

The public accounting industry has an extensive busy season, and in order to satisfy our clients’ needs we often work additional hours. If applicable to your contract, in recognition of this extra effort, RLB accumulates all hours worked above contract requirements. This time can be paid out to you as compensation or taken off during less busy times of the year.

We work hard during our busiest season, so we reward our staff in our slower summer season. Staff enjoy Fridays off through July and August, taking advantage of the warm weather.

People Investment Team/Leadership Development

When we say “People Count” we mean it. Our firm has built a team of passionate leaders whose focus is on engaging with our people and developing them personally and professionally. Our PIO team is here to help you find both balance and excellence within our organization.

The focus of the Leadership Development (LD) Program is to ensure you are receiving the support, training and guidance you need to realize your career and personal goals. As part of your professional development, you will have the ability to meet regularly with LD Leaders to ensure you are meeting your goal milestones and to provide direction and mentoring as needed.

Experienced Accountants

At RLB, People Count. We invest the time and effort into our team members for the hands-on learning experience required to become a successful professional, and we have developed a comprehensive training program to meet these needs. We provide a minimum of one week per year of professional development for each of our professional team members. We have developed a strong mentoring program and engage staff at all staff levels to help ensure they get the knowledge, support and expertise they need to succeed. When you start at RLB, you will be matched with a Development Advisor who will work with you to set your goals and stay on track. The opportunity for outside the box thinking, partnered with flexibility and support, makes RLB a great place to work.

University Graduates

As one of the largest regional public accounting firms in South-Western Ontario, we service a diverse client base that allows us to offer work engagements in a wide variety of industries. Working at RLB will provide you with opportunities for accelerated growth and career advancement to any level, including partnership. Our team works hard to ensure a successful integration into the workplace – you will be matched with different team members to assist with this process and assigned a Development Advisor to ensure your career goals are realized. We encourage that you build a schedule and career plan that fits your priorities, maintaining a balance between work and family commitments.

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Co-Op Students

RLB is a proud supporter of many university and college co-op programs. As an approved training facility through CPAO, RLB works to provide an engaging and rewarding co-op experience that will complement your academic learning, building a strong foundation for future success in your career. As a co-op student, you will work on multiple client engagements, receive support and training from senior staff and managers, and will be scheduled on both in-house and client-site engagements. By the time you complete all of your work terms, studies and exams, you will be well on your way to completing all of the practical hours required to obtain your CPA designation. To submit your application for future co-op opportunities, click the apply button below.


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What makes us a Best Employer?

Paid Personal Time

RLB LLP allows one week per year to each team member of paid personal time, which can be used for personal appointments, illness, or other commitments.

Maternity & Paternity Benefit

As your career progresses your family may grow too. We offer our team maternity and paternity benefits to primary or secondary caregivers.

Tax Party

We like to celebrate our accomplishments, and April 30th is a huge day for us to let loose. Why not take an evening to cheers each other for all our hard work?

Fitness Credit

Did you know regular exercise can help elevate your mood, improve your immune function and reduce stress? RLB supports team members and their health and well-being . As part of our commitment to health we supplement gym memberships and fitness fees.

Happy Birthday

We like acknowledging your special day. A gift of your choice is given on your birthday. Your birthday is also acknowledged firm-wide in our internal Firm Update. Happy birthday to you!

Exam Study Kits

The CFE exam is challenging and a lot is dependent on it. RLB supports our students and a little care package goes a long way to help you get through the stress of this exam.

Service Awards & Peer Recognition

We value the dedication and service of all employees at all levels within the firm. Each year we share their hard work with the whole company with service awards. Our team is dedicated to RLB and we want to show our dedication to our team! On a daily basis we empower our team to recognize each other through our peer to peer recognition program which not only includes thoughtful words of thanks, but a variety of swag items to choose from.

Employee Referrals

As our firm continues to grow we are always on the lookout for driven individuals to join RLB. We reward our team members with a referral fee if they refer someone who is successfully hired. Win-win!

Health Coverage
Life Insurance
RRSP Program
Disability Plans
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