Corporate Finance

Get people to buy in.

There are a lot of investors and lenders out there with capital to invest in your business, but they need to understand your business plan, be impressed by your financial forecasts, and trust that you have skin in the game. That is where we come in. Our Financial Advisory Services team is experienced in preparing the business plans and financial reporting needed to put your investors’ minds at ease. If you’re ready to leverage greater capital and grow your business, reach out to speak to an expert on our Financial Advisory Services team today.

Chartered Business Valuator (or “CBV”) is the premiere credential in Canada for experts in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and business valuation. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of our Chartered Business Valuator’s (CBVs) to provide reliable forecasting, investment analysis, and business appraisals.

Financial Analysis and Reports

Investors and banks rely on advanced financial analysis to make decisions about helping businesses expand or restructure. They need:

  • Quality of Earnings Reports
  • Business Plans
  • Forecasts, Scenario Projections, and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Management Discussion & Analysis
  • Compliance Certificates

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If you’re ready to leverage greater capital and grow your business, speak to an expert of our Financial Advisory Services Team today.

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