Succession & Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy, planning for the future

You have worked hard all your life to build your wealth, and we want to ensure your assets are protected today and tomorrow. At RLB, we can help provide peace of mind with Succession & Estate Planning experts, ensuring you’re planning in advance for the future of your family and your business. Reach out and speak to an expert to discuss your family and business’ needs.

Your firm was there for me during a difficult period in my life. They helped me navigate through the estate process after my father passed away. They were kind, caring and very understanding. The person I worked with was exceptionally knowledgeable and made sure everything was completed correctly.

– Estate Client

How do I provide for my family after I’m gone?

Estate Planning

Are you dreaming of retirement or thinking ahead to the next chapter? No matter the phase you’re in, it’s important to build a comprehensive estate plan that will protect your family, your assets and your legacy. Our team will work with you to ensure the plan meets your wishes, the needs of your family and is tax efficient to protect the wealth you built in your lifetime.

Succession Planning

Whether you’ve just started a business, or you’ve worked for decades to build something you’re proud of, you need a plan for what comes next. Succession planning allows you to take an active role in protecting the future of your business. The RLB team is focused on helping you create a successful transition to the next generation of owners.

Complex Compliance of Final Returns

Upon death, several tax returns may require filing. Don’t try and navigate this alone; the tax team at RLB is here to help.

Need information on Tax Filings Upon Death? Download our Tax Filings Upon Death Service Sheet.

Navigating the Role of Executor

Being asked to be an executor is one of the highest possible honours you can receive; however, it can require an enormous amount of work. As experts, we understand the duties required of an executor from firsthand experience, and it’s important to us that you understand them too.

Our team has taken time to put together an Executor Guide as a resource to help you navigate your role as an executor.

Speak to an expert to learn more about how we can help you with your Estate and Trust Planning.