No agriculture client too big or too small

Although we may not drive a tractor, plant corn or milk cows, the team at RLB is committed to the agriculture industry. We take pride in providing accounting and consulting services to a wide variety of clients, from primary producers to agri-businesses and all of those who support the sector. We understand that no matter your size, the challenges are often similar: access to cash, labour shortages, ever-changing legislation, and the environment, to name a few. If you are looking for an accountant that wants to partner with you and get to know your farming operation, connect with one of our agriculture experts to discuss.

RLB offers expert advice, and they don’t hesitate to explain something that I don’t understand. Just a general all-around good feeling of confidence and professionalism.

– Bellwin Farms, Inc.

Financial Reporting

Regardless of whether your farming operation or agri-business is a fifth-generation enterprise, or experiencing the struggles associated with growing and modernizing, our professionals know what you are going through. RLB offers a wide range of services to support you no matter your size or stage of business. One of our roles is to ensure that the financial information we provide is meaningful to you and your partners (like your bank) and becomes a tool that allows you to manage your operation better and to truly understand your cost of production, profitability, and ability to expand.

We help with:

• Financial statements

• Succession planning

• Cashflow and budgeting

• Access to financing with your current or new financial institution

• Incorporation

• Government grants and support programs for agricultural producers

• HST and sales tax

Our team of agricultural specialists can act as an extension of your management team and help provide you with the information you need to make sound decisions that will ensure your operation remains stable through whatever economic environment comes along.

Growing your farming operation

No matter what sector in agriculture your farm or business currently exists, growth and expansion are often front of mind. If you are looking to build a new barn, buying another piece of farm land, or diversifying your revenue, we are here to help. For many agricultural clients, we act as a liaison between the bank and farmer, helping translate the needs of both parties to ensure the case for financing is put forward in the best light.

We are just a call away, helping you with:

• Financing requests for investing in equipment, farmland or operation expansion

• Drilling down on cost of production to truly understand farm profitability

• Cash flow projections to support expansion

• HR support for managing employee/employer relationships

Succession Planning

At RLB LLP, we understand the delicate nature of working through a succession plan with farming families. Our role in succession planning is to work through the transition of ownership both in legal and practical terms (farm management), while moderating the difficult conversations around whatever issues present a barrier to success. We focus on drawing out the “what” from stakeholders in the process, and then come up with the “how” for formulating a plan that not only allows for a successful transition of ownership, but takes advantage of all of the tax options that exist. Don’t know where to start in succession planning? Don’t worry – we do.

Connect with one of our agriculture experts to discuss how we can help your generational farm successfully transition in a way that honours all that you have accomplished while setting the next generation up for future success.