Tom Gaskell


When serving his clients, Tom likes to put himself in their shoes. “If this was me, how would I approach the situation? I feel that by putting myself in that situation, I will come up with a solution that might make sense versus what a book might tell you to do.”

Tom knows that the decision that makes the most sense in the short term doesn’t always meet a client’s long-term goals. That’s why it’s so important to him to establish long-term relationships with his clients so he truly understands their personal and business objectives, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

By watching out for his clients’ interests and helping them understand where they should be headed, Tom is able to relieve some of the pressure that can weigh so heavily on business owners.

“I take pride in helping to solve clients’ issues so they can spend time doing what they love and want to do.”
Tom also takes a very practical approach to problem solving. He grew with the firm as a tax partner, so he’s always focused on eliminating or reducing the client’s tax burden. But even more important is whether the strategy will help achieve the clients personal and business goals. He is always cognizant of the trust his clients place in his advice, and he takes care to lead them down paths where they have the highest chance of success.

A strong communicator and able to think on his feet, Tom often represents his clients in negotiations to purchase or sell a business. He enjoys the satisfaction of a successful transaction, as well as knowing that his client is happy with the result.

When he’s not working, Tom enjoys relaxing with his family at their cottage on Wasaga Beach or driving.