Omar Chaudry

Senior Manager

At RLB, Omar thrives for the opportunity to work alongside people who care deeply about their community and are also some of the most forward-thinking in the accounting profession. He works in our Financial Advisory Services department and helps business owners with every step of buying or selling a business from start to finish, including appraisals. As an expert in financial analysis, he also assists clients involved with litigation. The most satisfying part of his job is being able to provide solutions to any problems his clients may have.

His broad experience-base makes Omar a great fit for clients with unique issues that may not be solved by existing products and services. “I am grateful that my job allows me to work with a wide range of partners and specialists on a regular basis.” says Omar. This, coupled with RLB’s diverse range of clients means he is always learning and improving himself. The most exciting part of his job is learning new ways to help clients every day, be it from research, from knowledgeable colleagues, or from attending new training courses.

Outside of work, Omar is passionate about filmmaking. “The visual effects, the use of music, and every aspect of the film and how it can create a holistic experience really fascinates me.”

Omar considers himself to have been very lucky and his goal in life is to pay it forward. “RLB continuously provides me with many opportunities to give back to the community,
including volunteer opportunities and fundraising for excellent causes.”

When it comes to the successes in his life, Omar feels that the top of the list would be figuring out his place in the world, starting a family, passing my professional exams, and working at a firm where people trust him every day to help them make important and tough decisions.