Ontario will see another minimum wage increase this fall.  The minimum wage will increase from $14.25 per hour to $14.35 per hour.  This new rate is effective October 1, 2021.  The last increase was a year ago, which saw a $0.25 per hour increase.

When a change to the minimum wage rate comes into effect partway through an employee’s pay period, the pay period will be treated as two separate pay periods, and the employee will be entitled to at least the minimum wage that applies in each of those periods.  You can choose to pay the new higher minimum wage for the entire period.

Minimum wage is the lowest rate an employer can pay an employee.  A few jobs are exempt from the minimum wage, and some that have different minimum wage rates.  For example:

  • Student minimum wage will increase from $13.40 to $13.50 per hour
  • Liquor servers minimum wage will increase from $12.45 to $12.55 per hour

For more information on these job categories, please visit ESA Exemptions and Special Rules.