Anisha Jesani

Senior Manager

Anisha is first and foremost a people person. In fact, helping people is what led her to accounting in the first place. It was the opportunity to build relationships with all the amazing people behind the scenes of businesses that was a big draw for her. She also enjoyed the exposure to various kinds of businesses and organizations, as well as the satisfaction of helping business owners with compliance to start and advise them on different opportunities. 

In her practice, the majority of her work is with corporate groups for our Kitchener practice, which entails Compilation and Assurance engagements. She also manages our Pension Plan Audit Practice at the firm. Currently, Anisha is focused on developing her knowledge of tax planning and reorganizations. In light of COVID-19, Anisha became one of our experts on the government benefits that were introduced as a result of the pandemic response. 

Her desire to help people does not stop with clients. “I am passionate about people-development and appreciate the many opportunities that are available at RLB to actively coach and mentor less experienced staff members.” says Anisha. 

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Anisha earned a Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management, as well as a Master of Accounting. She initially came to RLB in 2013 as a co-op and returned full time in Fall 2015. Up until the end of 2018, Anisha exclusively supported Not-for-Profit Organizations (NPOs), and is well-rounded in her experiences of accounting and compliance for NPOs and profit-oriented entities. 

Outside of the office, she and her partner are big fans of homecooked food, so you will almost always find them in the kitchen cooking up a storm. “Most times our dinners are a “mish-mash” of our diverse family make up.” says Anisha. They purchased their first home in early 2021 and currently spend their free time working around the house.