Wm. E. Koornstra

FCPA, FCA, C. Dir.

As a partner here at RLB, Bill oversees the Core Plus Team. In his practice, Bill handles a variety of work and is often involved with clients that have more complicated needs and are often positioning themselves for a defined result. Sometimes that is the sale of their business, other times it’s planning a strategic acquisition or achieving growth through financing. Like many accountants on our team, Bill was drawn to accounting because of a passion for problem-solving, specifically within the business realm. Working with clients to develop strategic business plans and helping them attain their business goals is what gets him out of bed in the morning. Bill holds an FCPA designation and is a C. Dir., which is key in advising clients on both their strategic and governance matters. 

When Bill isn’t working to help his clients plan for and achieve their strategic goals, is actively perfecting his golf swing. He’s a fan of the game itself but beyond that is passionate about the honour of the game. If he’s not on the green, he is likely with his family spending quality time together and making lifelong memories at the cottage.  

Always a proud supporter of giving back to the community, Bill is the current chair of the Elliott and a board member on the Joint Board of Governors for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.