Candace Stuckless

Senior Manager

Predominately working out of our Orangeville office, Candace’s focus lies on owner-managed businesses through advisory services such as personal and corporate tax planning, financial statement preparation and consulting on financial projects.  Candace also has a particular niche market with professionals of midwifery services.

If you ask Candace what led her to be an accountant at RLB, she will happily tell you “There is nothing that brings me more joy than a set of financial statements that require financial analysis. This analysis could be with the owner of the company, with a local bookkeeper or financial advisor or even with administrative staff. In either case, together we are trying to grow the business for future success and it takes a team to achieve this.   It wasn’t until I joined RLB that I truly understood the definition of team and “People Count”. The foundation for success lies in the working relationships we have with our clients and peers and the identifiable respect we have for the individual. If there was a career and organization that existed where you could open the door each morning and genuinely smile each and every day – this is the one.” Candace is so passionate about servicing great clients and maintaining strong business relationships. For Candace, success is certainly measured by what opportunities you take. Having lived in the Muskoka’s for her childhood and teenage years, she was fortunate enough to enjoy what most yearn for in their later years; the 30,000 islands they call Georgian Bay. In that community, she was afforded many opportunities with unique jobs; one of which was to work as an accountant with independent filmmakers. What a terrific experience. Another opportunity included installations of satellite internet servicing the hundreds of kilometres that surround the Muskoka’s, many of which involved travelling by boat.

In addition to job opportunities, Candace pushed herself mentally and physically to compete in a canoe race called the Muskoka River X. The race was set for 130 km over a 24-hour period, and required carrying necessary food, water and shelter should you find yourself in unsafe conditions. “If you could imagine for a second, travelling the pristine river systems in Huntsville and Bracebridge with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. All of a sudden it’s pitch black in the middle of the river and you still have to navigate your way UP the river system through swifts with only the glow of your headlamps. This was a lifetime experience I will be forever grateful for. We live in a beautiful province.”

Outside of the office, Candace is still passionate about serving her community and currently volunteers with the Orangeville Christian Fellowship Church as a member of the finance committee.