Carrie is a problem solver through and through. She loves working on puzzles and looks at complicated client records as the perfect challenge. “Accounting offers many different kinds of work so there’s never a chance to be bored because every day presents a new challenge,” says Carrie. 

On the day-to-day, Carrie works on investment files and MPC’s, as well as leading staff training. She often works with clients to fix their books or teaches them how to use their software. She consults with clients and works with RLB partners by going into a client’s business and implementing accounting procedures for them to follow. 

Carrie started in public accounting in 1998 preparing personal tax and compilations. Her extensive experience in Personal tax, T4’s and T5’s, Quickbooks, QBO, Sage, investment accounting and corporate tax have led her to be one of the go-to trainers at our firm. 

 In her home life, Carrie has been happily married for over 20 years. She loves her cottage on the Ottawa River where she happily sits on the Norway Bay Municipal Association board in the Regatta Director position. Her two sons in competitive hockey and a daughter in competitive cheerleading keep her busy most days, but she admits that she enjoys the opportunity that these sports allow her to travel through Canada and the USA several times a year. Pre-Covid, Carrie tried to plan a trip somewhere different each year. She’s an avid reader and especially enjoys Stephen King. If she’s not reading something spooky, she’s likely watching Marvel Movies and Thrillers, or cooking for her family.