Gwen Story

Senior Manager

A proud member of the RLB team for over 20 years, Gwen is a key member of our Condo team and works not only on Condos but also owner-managed corporations and personal tax returns. Passionate about problem-solving and developing processes, Gwen switched from the private sector to working with RLB in public accounting – and found that it felt very much like home. “Public accounting offers variety and so many learning opportunities. I was fortunate to be in a position to develop the Condominium Niche at RLB – and have enjoyed the interactions it has offered within RLB and the industry.”  

Gwen’s involvement with condominiums lead to becoming involved with the local chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute. Originally part of the Golden Horseshoe chapter, then eventually as a founder of the Grand River Chapter. Gwen has served on the board as the treasurer and on the Conference Committee. “I live in a condominium and serve on the board there too.” As a quiet person, Gwen’s personal life tends to be quiet too. She loves to spend time with her partner and their blended families and enjoys reading mystery novels, daily walks and knitting.