Krista Lake

Practice Coordinator

What are you surprisingly good at?

I am a real animal person and am very good at handling, calming, and treating them. I’ve worked at a vet clinic (first full time, now part-time) for 27 years. I currently have 2 dogs (1 rescued from Hurricane Katrina), 3 cats (all rescues), a leopard gecko, and some fish.

What are you most passionate about?

I always try to make time for family and friends. I am always entertaining and love having people gather at my home. Having loved ones around me makes me happiest.

Professionally, I have always liked to be challenged, hence my job change to RLB from a law firm. I really enjoy meeting new people, communicating with clients, and building those relationships.

What do you feel have been the most important successes in your life?

I have had many life changes throughout the years. When something happens, you have to keep the strength to just keep going; one foot in front of the other, to make things right for yourself. Pushing myself to get through tough times has been huge in my life.

My biggest accomplishment is raising two teenagers who I can be proud to say have good values, are kind, and know the importance of time, and relationships.

If you could be a superhero or have a superpower, what would it be?

To make sure all animals are treated properly.

What are your favourite hobbies, sports team, and/or food?

I love watching sports live or on TV. My favourite teams are the Patriots and the Blue Jays. I also enjoy billiards and playing board games with my family.