Lauren Sorbara

Senior Manager

I am a born and raised Guelphite and a proud supporter of small businesses in my community. My partner and I live, work and raise our four children not far from our childhood homes. Professionally, I am the senior manager of the Condo Team at RLB Chartered Professional Accountants. With over 10 years specializing in the condominium audit niche, I am dedicated to providing a knowledgeable and superior client experience. With more and more people in our community choosing to live in condominiums it is important owners are educated on the nuances and unique nature of this lifestyle choice. One of my favourite elements of my work, and an important part of this specialty practice, is attending clients Annual General Meetings to present their audited Financial Statements. This provides clients the opportunity to meet their auditor, build relationships, ask questions and have the Financial Statements explained in a way all owners can understand. Passionate about my client’s success, I am always available to answer questions and provide practical advice on all Condominium matters, ranging from best practices and compliance with the Condominium Act and Regulations to more complex issues such as HST filing requirements. As a member of CCI-GRC, the Canadian Condominium Institute’s Grand River Chapter, I have presented an auditors perspective at various levels of Board of Director education courses offered through the Institute.