Leanne Radcliffe


Leanne decided accounting was for her when she realized that helping a business with their profits could in turn help our communities. She spends the vast majority of her working time with professional clients such as physicians, veterinarians, lawyers, etc. Helping our clients with tax planning is what gets Leanne out of bed in the morning. Working to determine the most effective ways to fund their personal lifestyle choices while simultaneously using corporate structures to save tax and increase net profitability is a delicate balance, and Leanne is up for the challenge! 

Leanne is an information sponge and loves working with professionals and business owners in our community to tap into the amazing people that are doing amazing things for our communities. When she’s not working with clients, she continues her quest for growth through reading. While she mainly reads non-fiction, she I innately curious about anything related to business, money and leadership. To keep balance in her life, Leanne also loves to pack up and go for a hike to explore the beautiful sights, trails and natural attractions that Southern Ontario has to offer.