Murray Short


“I want RLB LLP to be known not only as local experts for not-for-profit and charitable organizations and municipal governments, but as the only accounting firm organizations in the region want to work with, because of our high level of service, our specialization and expertise, and the great value we provide to our clients.”

Murray is the head of our Not-for-Profit Team, which aims to enhance services to and ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. The team truly embodies our firm’s core value of Passion for Client Success. “We aim to go above and beyond the call of duty for our not-for-profit, charitable, community benefit and government sector clients, because we understand the great value that they provide to our communities.”

Admitted into partnership in January 2015, Murray’s practice will be entirely specialized in the not-for-profit sector, which we believe is unprecedented in Southwestern Ontario. Murray feels our firm has the most knowledgeable staff on issues facing not-for-profit, charitable, community benefit and government organizations in the region, in part because of our firm’s decision to specialize our practice in key industry/sector segments. This specialization means that, in key roles, our staff are specialized in the not-for-profit sector and can better meet our clients’ needs, as a result.

Murray is also very active in the community, volunteering on a number of local not-for-profit boards. Outside of work and volunteering, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jessica, and two children, William and Molly. As a family, they enjoy many outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, camping, skating and skiing. Murray also enjoys running half marathons (considering working up to a full marathon in the near future) and is a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan.