Nick Raftis


As a Tax Manager, Nick spends most of my time involved in Corporate, Individual, Trust and Estate tax planning. He’s confident in helping clients at any point in their life or any stage of their business. From incorporation, restructuring, succession, transactions, etc, Nick is here to help! 

The highlight of Nick’s work is helping clients and being a trusted advisor. He takes pride in being someone that you can rely upon at any point to help guide and advise you to assist you in making any decision. “Helping clients and seeing them succeed is why I became an accountant.” To further support his clients, Nick completed the In-Depth Tax Program in 2020. 

If he’s not talking tax, he’s probably trying to set up the next game of Euchre. “I started playing at a young age and over the years have used the game to help bond with family members and friends. I play as often as I can find three other willing participants. With the amount of experience, I have you would think my skills would be that of an expert level!… Maybe they are?… Only one way to find out!” 

He’s also passionate about curling and has served on the Arthur Area Curling Club Board of Directors for the past 5 years.