Drive your Employee Engagement through Performance Feedback

Effective performance management is essential to a business. It is critical to an employee’s personal development to implement effective performance management processes. Performance management encourages communication, pinpoints strengths, and builds long-lasting work relationships. Providing comprehensive feedback allows your employees to achieve their greatest potential which, as a result, increases productivity.

Too often employees are unaware of key factors regarding their performance and leave reviews feeling blindsided and unengaged. On a positive note, effective performance reviews empower your employees to succeed. Following the right performance management approach foster an environment where employees feel valued results in high performers and ultimately aligns their goals with the business objective.

Why outsource your Performance Management Process?

There are several reasons why outsourcing your entire performance appraisal process can help you:

  • Performance Reviews are often administratively and time laden and outsourcing this process means you can concentrate on what you know best; your business! We handle all the work for you!
  • Ensure you have the proper tools to manage performance and act on good and poor performance
  • Annual comparable in performance by using key measurables that can be tracked year over year
  • Confidentiality and third-party reliability adding trust to the process
  • We do the reminding and ensure the project meets deadlines and doesn’t drag on

How RLB’s HR Consulting team can help you

The great news is our HR Consulting team has the ability to manage the entire process. This is done through unbiased, comprehensive methods that share positive and meaningful observations about work habits, strengths, interactions, and opportunities.

What we can help you with:

  • Identify performance indicators for your business identifying the key core values you want to measure
  • A fully electronic system that sends out self-assessments and 360 peer-assessments
  • Follow up and reminders of project deadlines and completion dates
  • Provide individual performance summary reports for each employee showing a number rating and a comments section
  • Coaching supervisors and management on proper techniques when providing feedback
  • Performance evaluation trackers, and rating charts
  • Review Top 5 key performers and bottom 5 low performers

Our HR Consulting team takes the time to understand your culture, develop personal connections, and provide valuable solutions that work for your business and employees. At RLB we operate on the philosophy that people count and carry that with us when we provide our services.

To learn more about kick-starting your performance management process today, contact the team at