Some people may find it surprising that RLB offers Human Resources Consulting. We know you’re working towards creating the best organization you can, and RLB is there to help every step of the way.   

Whether you run a not-for-profit or charitable organization, a tech startup, a family farming business or anything in between, we know that people are a business’s greatest asset and its greatest liability. RLB can guide you through each step of the HR process. From policies, procedures, organizational structure to chain of command, as well as recruitment, interviews, and training. These are all pieces of the business puzzle that RLB’s HR consulting team can help solve.  

The HR Consulting team at RLB has a range of experiences with clients from several industries and backgrounds. This pooling of best practices gives clients a good understanding of what RLB can offer them and enables the HR consulting team to focus on what’s important to each client.   

THE RLB Difference   

You may not always feel like HR is associated with accounting. Typically speaking, accountants aren’t usually “people people”; they’re “numbers people”. At RLB, our people are both. We go above and beyond just accounting.   

The HR Consulting service began as a way for clients to understand the importance of a healthy HR practice. Now we offer an all-encompassing service that includes recruiting, communications training, mentoring, and policy development, among other services.   

Our way of doing things is a vision beyond numbers. HR consulting is a bigger-picture idea, and we offer an approach that is different and unique. We want to ensure our clients get the best value and service we can provide with a customizable solution.  RLB’s HR Consultants use their varied experiences to focus on offering clients different approaches to everyday situations: terminations, behaviour management, having a good policy manual are all areas in which RLB’s Consulting can help.   

Clients often approach us to discuss HR with a feeling. They have this gut feeling that something is not right, and they are not sure why. We help them realize why they are having these feelings and validate why they are feeling this way. We then offer valuable solutions that aren’t cookie-cutter but based on us truly knowing the client’s organization and culture.    

Getting that personal touch helps the RLB HR Consulting team offer the best to their clients. It’s essential to make personal connections so that clients feel valued and understood. We meet with the client and understand and advise them where they might have gone wrong and help them develop tools to improve for next time.   

Training Opportunities   

RLB also has some great course offerings for clients or client team members to attend. We host in-house training, where we customize training to our clients’ needs.  If we’ve helped identify a problem area, we’re committed to helping solve it. Those are the most fun when we meet the team and truly understand their needs, and we can work on them together.  For a list of training sessions we are currently hosting click here. 

Don’t see the training you’re looking for? We also host sessions on Difficult Conversations, Delivering Constructive Criticism, HR for Supervisors and Managers, DISC Personality Training and What it can tell you about your team, Email Etiquette, Recruitment and Selection the Right Way, Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence and more 

To learn more about the HR Consulting services at RLB,  or took book one of our training session contact the team at