When returning from maternity or paternity leave, employees often find it difficult to adapt to the changes, both of the organization while they were away and their new lifestyle as a parent. Here are some useful tips to help make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.

1. Arrange childcare well in advance of return to work

  1. Do a trial run to ensure your child is comfortable
  2. Get a back-up for your childcare in case of emergency

2. Be aware of how your co-workers have had to adapt in your absence

  1. In small organizations, sometimes your roll isn’t filled and others are forced to take on some of your responsibilities
  2. If there was a replacement, your co-workers have had to help out with the learning curve of the new person
  3. Keep in mind that in smaller organizations, there is a larger portion of their workload they need to manage in your absence

3. Communicate your needs and expectations

  1. If adjustments are necessary in order to accommodate your change in lifestyle, discuss this with the appropriate person. This may include:
    1. Change in workday hours to accommodate childcare
    2. Availability on evenings and weekends
    3. Using sick days for when your child is sick
  2. Most organizations do not know what is required to be family friendly, do not expect all of your needs to be accommodated

Overall, the most important thing for any employee on parental leave is communication with their employer before, during, and after their time away. If they do not know what you need, they will not know how they can help.

For more information, visit Charity Village to read their full career Q&A on returning to work from parental leave.

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