Human Resources can be a tricky subject, so we’ve compiled a short list to help navigate HR in your business.

1. Compliance
Things are always changing in the business world. Particularly in the last three years, there has been a big shift in how HR operates and unfolds. It’s important to stay on top of the trends in HR policies and to make sure your business is compliant with regulations and policies set out by the government. This includes changes to the Employee Standards Act, and passing of bills like Bill 47 and Bill 148.

2. Having a people strategy
Establishing and understanding the culture of the business is just as important as setting up the business itself. What direction is the business heading in? Where do you see it in a few years? What kinds of people do you want working for you? What are the core values of the company? Do your employees understand the culture, too?

3. People ‘management’
A significant component of a successful business is employee management. This includes a range of factors including getting the right people, engaging and managing behavior, and rewarding top performers. Other factors for positive people management are creating a career path, having leadership opportunities, ensuring employees feel appreciated, and giving them a common purpose. Set up an employee rewards plan and set budgets and follow through.

4. Communication
This may seem straightforward, but communicating effectively can be tricky for some people. Not only is it vital that communication be made, but honest and open communication is essential to understanding the operations of any business. It’s also important to establish a chain of command for communication, so that messages are being relayed and responded to by the correct people in an appropriate time frame.

5. Asking Questions
Not only will you be ensuring an open environment of communication among your staff, you’ll also be helping them understand you’ve got their best interests in mind. If you aren’t sure how to do something or where to find information, reach out and seek guidance. Your teammates may be able to help, and the team at RLB is more than willing to sit down with you to figure out what’s needed and how to do it.

The RLB HR Consulting team offers workshops and seminars to help navigate the ins and outs of human resources. Check the website for upcoming events, or contact the HR team at