Meet Eric Tuffnail a Manager at RLB working out of our Guelph office.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

A typical day for me is showing up to work at the office and immediately grabbing a coffee at one of the many coffee stations. After that, I check on my emails and see if there is anything pressing that requires attention. Depending on the day of the week, we have team meetings (social and productive) that I would attend. On the productive side, I would be working on NTR, Review engagements and Assurance engagements daily.
My day at RLB is different than other firms because of the people that work here. The people here are the firm’s greatest investment and it shows. It makes coming into the office exciting!

Tell us about yourself.

Outside of the office, there are many things I enjoy doing. From a sports standpoint, I enjoy playing golf on our Fridays off and playing/watching hockey. A few years back, I even managed to hit a hole-in-one playing golf…still waiting for my call to the tour though. I have also joined our RLB baseball team which has been a great opportunity to meet team members out of the office setting. From a travel standpoint (when we are able to), I enjoy travelling the world, including Dubai, London, Italy, the Caribbean and domestically. Looking forward to the opportunity to travel again in the near future. Finally, spending time with family and friends is super important to me. Making sure that you take time away from work and unwind with them, whether it is on a patio downtown Guelph or hanging out at a friend’s place.

Can you tell us about your decision to apply to work at RLB?

For me, I always knew that business/accounting was something I wanted to do as my career since high school. RLB was a firm that has always stood out to me since they were so involved in our community. That is how I came to know what RLB is all about and I wanted to be a part of that team. After being accepted to RLB, I have found the forever firm that comes with a lot of perks! One of the biggest being Fridays off in the summer – as accountants we work hard during busy season and we are able to take time off in the summer when the weather is nice and the work is a little less crazy. #WorkHardPlayHard Another being the mentorship program we have at RLB. All staff members have goals that are set with their Leadership Development Leaders and are setup to succeed and reach those goals through the work they are assigned and work on.

How would you describe your path to your current role at RLB?

I was hired on at RLB as a Senior Accountant with the goal to be a Manager within 1 year. I was able to come up with my goals with my Leadership Development Mentors and successfully reach the goals that I had set out, including earning the Manage title.

What inspires you to come in every day?

I get pumped up for work every day to help service our clients to the best of my abilities and to assist fellow staff members with questions they have. That for me is why I am in public accounting and why I work for RLB.

How did the recruitment process go for you?

The recruitment process went very smoothly for me. I had two interviews (one with HR and the other with HR and the team partner I was joining). The communication from the HR team at RLB was quick and they were able to answer all of the questions that I had about the firm. What stood out to me was how the firm talks about their people and how they are their biggest investment. We are always looking for the best and brightest candidates that will fit into the firm.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself before applying?

You should have applied sooner!!!

What resources did you find most helpful when preparing for the interview?

I used the RLB website as well as LinkedIn to research the firm. Additionally, I was lucky to have some contacts that worked at RLB so I was able to have discussions with them to talk about RLB and what they enjoyed about the firm.

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