In today’s workforce, we are seeing more companies put diversity, equity, and inclusion into greater focus. DEI, as it is often shortened to, is so much more than a policy, a training session, or a headcount. It is an opportunity to foster employee engagement with varying perspectives.

It is important that the efforts companies put forth last. These efforts can start through recruiting practices by providing equal opportunity, but it is crucial that these opportunities remain throughout the entire employment experience. Promoting and believing the importance of DEI in your workplace should remain a priority for companies.

What is diversity, equity, & inclusion?

Diversity is the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientation, or disability. Equity is ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities and advancements, and most importantly treated impartially. Inclusion is fostering an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and part of a larger group.

The importance

A recent salary survey from Hays indicated that 72% of employees feel it is important for their organization to have DEI goals in place. There is a greater level of innovation and resilience when companies create an environment made of trust and commitment to everyone’s safety and wellbeing. DEI also effects various other levels of the business. Customer satisfaction, retention, employees and leaders with diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge are all aspects of the business that have been proven to increase with a strengthened DEI program.

How to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

  • Top-down commitment
  • Compile and review your workforce data against the marketplace
  • Be aware of unconscious bias
  • Review any polices that may limit ED&I
  • Develop a training plan
  • Communicate with your leaders and employees ED&I programs and initiatives
  • Acknowledge holidays of all culture
  • Implement a mix of teams on projects and everyday working tasks
  • Continuous feedback, review, and improvement of ED&I initiatives

DEI requires commitment from everyone in your company, so it is imperative to involve your leaders and employees in the creation and review of your initiatives. Comparing your program and initiatives with the labour market will also help you gain a broader understanding of how your efforts are viewed by your employees. Be aware of any unconscious bias and manage this to further an inclusive working environment. It is important that by managing bias you understand the impact this has on your potential employees, current employees, and overall workplace culture. Review any previous policies, develop a training plan, and communicate these efforts to everyone in your organization. It is important you communicate why DEI training is taking place, any current barriers there may be and what the next steps look like. By implementing a mix of teams you are also fortifying a creativite, meaningful and inclusive working environment.

Most importantly, encourage continuous feedback on your initiatives and open communications about DEI in your workplace. Viewing DEI as a priority will have a positive impact on employees, employers, and overall brand reputation.

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