Did you know that RLB offers a wide range of services to not-for-profit and charitable organizations, beyond the assurance and accounting services that you would expect?


We can offer such services as:
  • Board training on governance, financial literacy and risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning
  • HR consulting (including such things as policy development, recruitment and hiring, compensation studies and benefit plan development)
  • And we even have an analytical tool we call NPO Health Check, designed to assess organizations on ten areas of operational health.

Please contact your RLB advisor for more information on any of these service offerings for a free, no obligation quote.


Referral Program

We also offer referrals to others in the community who specialize in, and are looking to serve, the not-for-profit community. These include: external accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, bankers, insurance brokers, and more. Please let us know if we can connect you with any of these fantastic professionals.


Looking to fill a volunteer position?

Finally, effective immediately, we will begin posting volunteer positions for our not-for-profit and charitable client’s boards of directors and committees. Please let us know if you would like a posting in an upcoming newsletter.  We have one such posting here: Treasurer Role – The Julien Project