Meet Karen Webster, a Senior Manager at RLB working out of our Orangeville office.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

Lots of zoom meetings, both internal and external. File reviews, tax planning, dealing with client queries and lots of potential new client inquiries. Managing staff, working with staff and teaching/training. Dealing with emails and phone calls.

Tell us about yourself.

Hmmm. Where do I start? I have been an accountant in public practice for many years (Over 25!). My career in accounting started by chance and has become an amazing adventure because of the people I have had the opportunity to work with, and the clients I have had the privilege to serve. I really love being a part of the community I grew up in. From a young age, I learned the value of serving your community through my parents who owned the local hardware store and gift loft and were actively involved in the community and organizations like the Lions Club. I have always been heavily involved in a variety of sports in many capacities, from playing to supporting to coaching to a position on the executive. The biggest highlight on that front was being part of the world broomball team travelling to Austria with mom as my supporter. I have also held several volunteer positions on boards like Dufferin Board of Trade, Family Transition Place, Shelburne Muskies, Shelburne Ladies Broomball, Dufferin Piecemakers Quilt Guild etc.

Can you tell us about your decision to apply to work at RLB?

During a few conversations with Melissa Vinden, my own research and during my interview with Matt Venne I realized the “People Count.” moto was for me and therefore RLB was a great fit for me. I was stuck in my old job with an uncertain future and was ready for change and growth. The Fridays off, the more than 2 weeks vacation, the health spending account, the RRSP matching, RLB has a ball team, the many perks, the opportunity for growth, supportive teams (Tax, HR, IT etc), how they support the community, having my own laptop and overall the positive energetic atmosphere.

How would you describe your path to your current role at RLB?

When I came aboard, I stepped into a senior manager role. I had no idea what that was even about coming from a small firm. I then quickly moved into a Leadership Development role as well. It was a big transition for me just getting familiar with everything!. I have loved my journey and growth within the RLB team. I had never really set goals until coming to RLB however quickly realized the importance of accountability. I absolutely love mentoring and having the opportunity to have a positive influence on other members of the team. I recently have taken some leadership courses on my own and it’s great to put that knowledge to work.

What inspires you to come in every day?

The people, the opportunity to serve the community and to be a positive role model.

How did the recruitment process go for you?

The recruitment process was amazing. Melissa invited me for lunch and it was during that conversation that I realized RLB really treats their employees well. During my interview with HR and Matt, the people count moto on the wall in the office was a game-changer and listening to the opportunities and benefits made a huge decision easy.

What’s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself before applying?

Always go with your gut feeling. Sometimes the scariest things in life are the best things that happen.

What resources did you find most helpful when preparing for the interview?

I had a great conversation with Melissa and had some good insight. I found the website helpful to gain an understanding of the firm as a whole.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with aspiring RLB Team Members?

RLB is an amazing place to work. Team members are supportive, encouraging, positive and it’s just an outstanding environment. It’s all the little things that truly make a difference. During COVID it was amazing to see how quickly they transitioned into unknown territory, continued to support clients and enable staff to work comfortably from home. Come join us today, you will not be disappointed!

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