Meet Murray Short, Partner at RLB.

What is your role at RLB?

I am a partner at the firm and I lead our Not-for-Profit (NPO) team

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

Every day is different! Some days I spend time reviewing client work, some days it’s meetings with clients or team members. Some days it’s internal matters/personell, planning, scheduling, regular assurance or consulting. I don’t have a “typical day” per se, and that’s kind of what makes it exciting!

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a married father of 2 teenage kids, Which is usually fun but sometimes not at all. I enjoy running, although I’m not as active as I used to be. I’m also a HUGE Leafs fan. I enjoy my kids’ activities- my daughter plays rep hockey, and my son is into rock climbing. I tend to be a bit of a craft beer snob, but I make up for it with my love of live music.

Can you tell us about your decision to apply to work at RLB?

When I started, it was a career change into accounting from marketing/sales/fundraising roles. I was looking for an opportunity to work towards my CPA. I happened to meet Tom through his nephew and started talking with the firm. Immediately it felt like a great community-based, regional firm. A really good place to start a new career in accounting.

How would you describe your path to your current role at RLB?

My path to get here was a little non-traditional. At the time our mentoring programs were different as opposed to what it is now. What remains the same is a strong focus on developing our people. The process may be different, but we have always invested time and financial cost to get designations, and to help our people learn and grow and access opportunities for leadership possibilities. The CFE Process is unmatched since we have programs like mentors to help with the process, as well as study support, practice cases and so on.

What inspires you to come in every day?

What I enjoy most is working with people. Clients, team members, other people at the firm. It’s not just the day-to-day grind. I love helping clients solve problems, learn how to operate efficiently and help teams become more successful. Seeing other people prosper and grow is exciting for me.

How did the recruitment process go for you?

I met Tom Gaskell at a party over a year before I was looking to start working in accounting. I had an interview shortly after meeting him and a second one leading up to when I was ready to start my new career. When I did join RLB I had plenty of time to acclimate and prepare. There was a lot of support from the firm and lead time with the interview process. Once I started I learned a lot and got lots of exposure to a lot of different types of work. I think it’s important to know that hands-on is so much more valuable than scholastic learning. I jumped right in and I try to give my team the same, or at least a similar experience.

What is something you wish you could go back and tell yourself?

In public accounting, sometimes you question your sanity since tax season is just as busy as you think it is, BUT there are compensations throughout the year. It doesn’t last forever. There’s flexibility and it’s a pretty great career if you want to make a difference for clients and have variety in what you do. There is nothing like it.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with aspiring RLB Team Members?

I can’t promise it will be easy but it is worth it. Working in public accounting you can help a lot of clients be successful, which is truly rewarding.

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