Big Brothers Big Sisters Month

Help BBBSG increase awareness of the benefits of mentoring, our local programs and attract volunteers to our agency.
As a national movement, Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to celebrate and showcase the power and impact of mentoring during Big Brothers Big Sisters Month, September and Big Brothers Big Sisters day, Tuesday September 18th through the ImagineBBBS Campaign.

Many children and youth in Guelph face adversities in their lives like poor living conditions, abuse or family violence, mental health issues or identity challenges. These children and youth risk not having the opportunity to live up to their full potential or worse, living a life of poverty or crime.  With the guidance and support of a mentor, these risks can be reduced or avoided entirely. Our goal is simple; every child in Guelph who needs a mentor, has a mentor.

For over one hundred years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been making a positive difference in the lives of Canada’s youth by developing and implementing a wide range of mentoring programs. Mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school and of having respect for family, peers and community. Across Canada, Big Brothers Big Sisters has over 115 agencies supporting 300 communities which serve more than 42,000 children and youth; however, there are still thousands more Canadian children and youth waiting for mentors

In 2017, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph served a total of 722 children in eight separate programs. Of those 722 children, 594 are in school based programs across 43 schools. The in-school mentoring program provides youth with a role model and a friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up within school grounds.  Each match is to create a healthy friendship between the mentor and mentee, giving the mentor the opportunity to provide guidance, support, and encouragement through a genuine connection.

The Boston Consulting Group Study highlights investments in Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring to deliver strong economic value over time. The study was designed to audit the financial return to society from Big Brothers Big Sisters, and it found that every dollar invested generates on average $18 in hard dollar returns to society. The study determined that, over their working lives, the former Little Brothers and Little Sister will earn on average $315,000 more than those in the control group. These higher incomes will deliver additional tax revenue, higher consumer spending and increased charitable giving and volunteerism. Remarkably, the social return on investment or SROI for the most economically disadvantaged participants in Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs is even greater, generating an average of $23 in economic value for each dollar invested.

We want your help! Help us spread the word about the impact of mentoring and recognize September as Big Brothers Big Sisters Month. There are 137 children and youth on the waiting list, Imagine who they will become because of you!





Written by: Ashley Maginnis, Fund Development & Communications Coordinator of BBBSG