It is the start of a new year and RLB is thrilled to share the news of the advancement of three of our team members within the organization. We are excited to welcome these strong, talented women into leadership positions within RLB and look forward to their contributions to our team.  

Kimberly Aitken- Partner 

Kimberly Aitken loves seeing her clients and co-workers succeed. After discovering her aptitude and love for accounting, she decided to pursue her accounting designation with guidance from her mentors. She attended the University of Waterloo, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Accounting degree, for which she earned a full scholarship.  

Now, in her accounting practice, Kimberly has built a reputation for working with profit-oriented businesses and supporting their growth and success. Her specialty is construction-based businesses where she works with home builders, general contractors and trades. Kim is truly passionate about client success and enjoys engaging with clients whenever possible. Kimberly’s integrity and commitment are definite assets to our leadership team here at RLB. 



Rebecca Hahn- Principal 

Working from our Kitchener office, Rebecca’s energy is a driving force for our team. She is a self-professed “non-traditional accountant” and her enthusiasm and drive are infectious.  

Rebecca operates under the philosophy that knowing the owner or operator of the business is vital to understanding the big picture. Making lasting connections is the cornerstone of fostering trust and building lasting working relationships with our clients.  




Leanne Radcliffe – Principal 

Leanne was drawn to accounting when she realized that helping local businesses prosper would help strengthen our community. Her work focuses mostly on professional practices such as physicians, veterinarians, lawyers. Her passion lies with tax planning and devising the best plans to help her clients achieve the best of tax planning while simultaneously balancing profitability.